Using Aerial Photography to Enhance Travel Writing Blogs – Drones for Travel Writers

When it comes to writing and publishing a travel guide, nothing is more important than getting the greatest number of viewers. Most of the travel guides these days find new and exciting ways to layout their guides and make it seem more fun and adventurous. Photos also play a significant role in creating the guide more viewed and more appealing. However, what will you do when you are exhausted from taking shots of landmarks and monuments. Trying pictures from a new and never done before angle may help boost your viewers to the big leagues.

Bird’s eye view pictures or aerial pictures are trendy now. They show the extent of which that an area can reach and even show you details that may have missed if you took a regular snap. There are different ways to take photos. There are also many hacks in which to make it easier for such pictures. However, the most comfortable and most reliable object to use is a drone.

Drones are not only a toy for younger children. They are regularly used in the army to scout enemy zones, and they are also used to patrol areas that are too small for humans to fit. However, buying a drone isn’t as hard and taxing as traveling with one. The journey may be hard, but the pictures and memories that you can capture with this piece of technology are worth the trouble. Drones are also commonly used for filming action scenes in movies and extreme sports in competitions.

Why Aerial Photography

For starters, aerial photography is a new and innovative way to attract people to your blog. Drones are known for their ability to add a sense of fun and adventure to a video or photo with an element of untamed wildness. However, an issue with utilizing a drone for taking all of the pictures for your travel blog is that you will have to find a suitable place for your drone to take off. Finding level ground to allow you drone to take off is hard if you are trekking in mountain regions. Also one of the exciting elements of drone photography is that there are different emotions attached to every picture and contrasting light and saturation levels. Before embarking on your mission, ensure that you take into account the wind and other natural elements that may affect the quality of the photographs or may damage the drone itself.

What Types Of Drones To Choose

When choosing the type of photography to plan for your next travel trip, it is essential that you ensure to buy the correct range of the drone. The range and height limit of the drone is considered to be the most critical parts of a drone, except for the camera. Using a pocket-sized drone also works exceptionally well. Another vital factor to pay consideration to is the location that you are capturing. Taking aerial pictures of cities or jungles are known to be extraordinarily aesthetic and appealing to the eye. Here are the most excellent locations to take pictures with a drone.

  • Oslob, Cebu, Philippines
  • The Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  • Venice
  • Lavender fields, Provence France
  • NSW, Australia
  • Lake Retba, Senegal