The Best Travel Writers Know the Worst About the Travel Writing Industry

The travel industry is not the industry for a select few these days. Over the last decade, the travel business has thrived and boomed. Everyone around the world enjoys the ripples of its popularity. Travel writers are also paid only if they can provide something different than what is already explored by several people. When travel writers unearth some hidden jewels in their travels, they have the potential to become popular. However, not everyone who is a travel writer knows what it takes to be the best in the industry. Most writers like the idea of being called a travel writer then they want to be one. The life is littered with everything nightmares are made off, and that is what adds to the sensation of the final pieces.

There is No Hand-Holding

The life of a travel writer does not have someone to handle small aspects of the work. That is completely untrue. For the travel writer, the perks of having a secretary or even having someone look up deals for your travels is up to you. You would have to look into creating and engaging your audience, getting in touch with publications, invoicing, networking, deal finding and traveling. From the first of being a travel writer to the last day, you are the only person behind the final pieces.

Social Media Needs All Your Attention

Social media is important for the marketing of anyone, and it is true to the travel writer too. Focusing a lot of attention on social media is very important to the travel writer. Working out a strategy on how you would be approaching your audience is essential to get you across the line even on the most tiring days. While there are hundreds of social media platforms, pick a few of them and make sure you have regular updates on the social media pages with exciting photos and writing pieces that you are publishing on your blog and with publications.

It Is Not Always Fun; It Is A Job

Once the fun part of the travel has passed, most writers are not ready when they have to look at it as a job. All that most aspiring travel writers think about is that it is hours of endless fun with zero responsibility. However, the truth is that travel writing is a job just like anything else. You are answerable to publications, media and yourself like in a usual job. You are also required to keep up timelines and stay on schedule to get the piece done and completed.

Rejection – Get Used to It

You do not have the luxury to say that you are sad because you got rejected. As a travel writer, you are bound to be rejected way more times that you would change clothes in a year. Getting used to the rejection is not something pleasant, and most people quit by the fourth or fifth rejection letter. In today’s travel writing sphere with the availability of hundreds of writers, chances are most of your pieces will be rejected. The best writers know the drill and are immune to the rejection letters and strive to use it to motivate them further.