Safety Precautions for Travel Writers in Unsafe Places

Travel writing is a style of creative nonfiction where a writer addresses different things such as places, specific persons, and matters of interest in foreign places. The number of journeys a person will take as part of a travel writing career is massive. Sometimes, there is an adventure, sometimes there is fear, and sometimes there are even unsafe environments that they will witness. Travel writers who specialize in going undercover are one of the top sects of writers who are faced with dangers often. While not all travel writers have to face unsafe situations, it is encouraged to be prepared. Some of the top tips to be safe in a dangerous place are as follows.

Safety Precautions for Travel Writers in Unsafe Places
Safety Precautions for Travel Writers in Unsafe Places

Know Your Territory and Never Go Alone

Going alone might seem like the best option when you are traveling to several different environments, especially when you are undercover, although finding a dependable guide or a companion can benefit your safety in several different ways. If this is not achievable, then following your intuition and instincts can help too. When you are traveling, it is encouraged to make a plan that is suitable for your needs. Starting by surfing the internet for your accommodation details can be considered and advised, check if the hotel and surroundings are reliable and trustworthy but remember to be always alert of your surroundings and people.

Aware and alert

Staying informed and alert of your settings can aid your safety. Being aware applies in cities as much as in the wild or secluded areas. When you are in dangerous areas, try to walk and blend in with other pedestrians and don’t do anything that might draw the attention of people to you. As you walk, try to ignite your senses, mainly your peripheral vision. Try to walk, blend, and notice things and the types of people on the streets. When you are examining, people don’t stare right at them as you may give the wrong signals or make them uncomfortable. Being paranoid doesn’t help but only makes things worse, as you may be sweating, stuttering, and not confident, and that may cause you to crawl back into your comfort zone. This, in turn, may cause some issues for your writing if you aren’t interactive with other people. To avoid this matter try to take deeps breaths and not overload yourself with exploring the area or writing.

Nod, Smile and Be Polite

Even if you are asking them a question that they seemed to answer wrong don’t make an effort to point them out on their mistake just nod and smile. Some people are sensitive to feelings and may feel uncomfortable or even offended that you pointed out their mistakes, especially when you are undercover, it is best not to start something that may affect your situation. If you are a type of writer that likes to take candid photographs of the foreign country and the people asking for permission is always safe. Some people are sensitive to the idea of their pictures being taken and published online, so asking permission might show the other person that you care about their concern and needs.