Pitching Your Article to Magazines and Winning – Aspiring Travel Writers

Travelling and writing are probably your biggest passions and the main reason why you choose to work in the travel writing industry. Writers devote a lot of time investigating the place they wish to visit and go through some of the most grueling conditions to get their first article done. What next? Getting the article to a magazine that is willing to publish. Now, this is where the real problem sits. Some so many publishers push content out to their readers and get their articles from veterans in the industry. To be able to get into their favorite list, or even get noticed by them, you are going to need much more than just a well-written article and fairy dust. Here are top tips to help you pitch the article to magazines and get them to sign you.

What’s Your Reason

Every good article should have a great author. Every great author must have a more significant story. Therefore, look at it from the editor’s point of view and list out the points as to why they should choose you instead of the thousands of other writers out there. Once you have a fair idea and a great list of reasons, start building your pitch around the idea. Look at all the events that are coming up and how you will be able to give them a better story than anyone else about the incident at a particular destination.

Brief and On-Point

When writing your pitch, it is easy to get carried away by writing a lot of text to convince them. While you write to remember that they are very busy people and have only about 30 seconds to a minute to make their decision before they move on to the next pitch. Keep your pitch brief and include just the most essential points that matter and in an engaging manner at that.

Why Choose You

Give the editor a reason why they can depend on you and choose you. Make sure that you list at least one of the most significant achievements you have made to compel them to hire you. Else, if you are a novice writer, give them your outstanding qualities in a measurable format. When people can measure something, they find they can relate to it better, rather than wishes and wants.

Stay Away From Proposing Ideas

While you might be tempted to propose an idea to the publisher, remember that they already have departments that look after that space. Your thoughts will be one in a million that they see every day. Instead of doing that, stick to showcasing who you are and why you should be chosen.

Subject Line is Important

If you are sending an email to the publisher, remember to put some thought into the subject line. The subject line that is very generic probably gets diverted to the trash or spam that they will open only if they feel like once a year, maybe. Instead, a captivating subject line is what will get you the initial attention you require. Something along the lines of the event or destination you are more likely best to cover when they choose you. This way, at some point when they look through heir mailbox for a person in the region, your email will pop up.