Lonely Planet Has Published A Traditional List of the Best Places

Lonely Planet has published an annual list of Best in Travel. It usually indicates places that are recommended to visit next year. However, the pandemic of coronavirus that locked the world this year made the company to change the idea of this list. Of course, we all have to adapt to the new restrictions and change many things of our lives that have been so common to us, but it does not mean that we cannot admire the world. Lonely Planet also has this attitude, and they are encouraging the readers to appreciate some countries, cities, or places of wild nature for some positive changes that can make this mad world into a better place.

Lonely Planet Has Published A Traditional List of the Best Places
Lonely Planet Has Published A Traditional List of the Best Places

What Has Been Changed?

Year by year for a long time, Lonely Planet selects the most popular places that are worth to visit and groups them into several categories. This way of selection allows them to make groups of the best countries, best cities, regions, and so on. However, this year it was decided to change the traditional system of groups according to what changes have spread all over the world. With the coronavirus pandemic many travelling restrictions have been established, as a result, the list of Best in Travel has focused on what contributes most to sustainability, diversity, and community building.

This year, the list was divided into three categories: sustainable development, community, and diversity. This year, the titles do not belong to countries or cities, they belong to the local people who make those places special. So, discover them with us and our winners. According to the CEO of the company Luis Cabrera, traveling in 2021 will be more thoughtful than ever before.

The New List of 2020

10 winners were selected in each category. For example, Antigua and Barbuda have been titled as one of the countries that were most affected by climate change in the category of Sustainable Development Group, which has made ecology as a priority. The Faroe Islands are praised for their extremely close community. According to Lonely Planet, while these islands boast spectacular cliffs, waterfalls, and landscapes, it is the strong community that makes Faroe Islands such an enticing direction.

Greece has been named as a sustainable destination for those travelers who like to look for new culinary discoveries. There is an abundance of organic food markets with a large selection of local herbs, seafood, and cheeses. Gothenburg has been praised as a sustainable city with a commitment to a complete transition to renewable energy by 2030. Like the rest of Sweden, the city is very concerned about environmental protection and ecology. The extra recognition was also given to the wildlife conservation program of Rwanda that seeks to rescue the endangered mountain gorillas. The list admires the ability of the community to work together in Australia after the terrible fires that have destroyed forests and took countless lives of animal. The initiatives of community allow the destroyed sites to rise from the ashes.