How to Be The Best Travel Book Writer and Make It Big – Travel Book Careers

There are loads of people who love to travel, and there are many people who enjoy writing. While writers can make money from anywhere, travelers are going to need more than, ticket booking skills and deal researching skills to make a living. If you are one of those people who can’t lose the travel bug and can write well too, then becoming a travel writer is perhaps one of the best jobs you can do. Being a travel writer is also a dream job to many people, they don’t know the details of being a travel writer. The media paints a fun image of traveling in business class and getting to enjoy the luxurious perks of the high lifestyle if you are a traveler. Being a travel writer is a great job, and you get to experience every single aspect of life in your travel destinations.

Becoming a Travel Writer

You don’t need to be jouralist or have a Ph.D. in Travel literature to become a travel writer. While some writing skills are excellent, you can be a travel writer even if you are a great photographer or a videographer. Many photographers who take beautiful pictures want to get them published only to realize that they have to add some words in the mix. The need to post their beautiful photos is what urges them to take up writing as a passion for adding words to create complete imagery for the reader.

The Fabulous Life is in The Mind

Most avid travelers who genuinely enjoy traveling find that their lives are fabulous. A fabulous life is as it seems to the eyes of the beholder. What is remarkable to one person might not be incredible to the other. To a travel writer, the fabulous life lies in backpacking and staying at the smallest of motels or shaded tents enough to get some sleep, before experiencing life. There are several fallacies that people have about a travel writer’s job.

  • No, you don’t get paid to travel
  • No, you don’t get paid enough to live in fancy hotels
  • No, you don’t get paid to take just any picture
  • Yes, you love every bit of it

The truth is, if money was the driving factor, or if a travel writer was going to get paid to travel, they would be unable to experience the true vision they wish to witness. If they were paid to live only in fancy hotels, then they miss out on being in a small camp where the natives of the land live and experience life with them. When you are paid for your best photos and videos, you can take pride in the work you have accomplished. Therefore, every part of a travel writer’s life is weaved together to work for the better.

Advice to Young Travel Writing Aspirants

Young travel writers are enthusiastic about the whole idea of traveling that they sometimes burn out on their adventures. As a result, they give up their passion for traveling after a while. Therefore, it is good for young writers to work on a plan. The first step would be to publish a blog and then begin a lot of reading about the places you are visiting and start brushing up on your writing skills. The next step will be to build a regular set of people to follow and followers on your social media pages. Before you think of pitching any ideas to a publication, get to know the publishers well before you go to them with your plan.