Getting Noticed and Picked Up by a Great Travel Publishing Company – Travel Writers Guide

Newspapers and magazines are the best places to be employed with as a travel writer. However, the number of these companies are slowly going down, and there is a massive fight for the much-wanted space on their periodicals. In today’s world where the internet is everything, there is more scope for writers in the internet space. The readers are also vast, and so are the travel industry publishing companies that are on the internet. Being able to work on the internet and submit your work to be published online makes the whole process of being a successful travel writer very easy today.

Getting noticed by one of the travel publishing companies might seem like a herculean task, especially with the number that is available on the web today. The competition is also massive with more people traveling and exploring their options as a writer. The number of people who are serious about a career as a travel writer is slim. Therefore, your chances might be high if you do all the right things to maximize your potential.

  1. Create a Portfolio Presence Online

In today’s world wide web era, if you want to get noticed by anyone you are going to need a powerful online presence. The first step of the online presence for a travel writer is a portfolio of their work. The website you make to showcase your portfolio can be in the form of a blog that will both showcase your photos, videos, and your writing skills. If you choose to create and develop your website, make sure that the content is picked up by search engines and you have all your best work published. Do not put off the portfolio creation process for later when you have the time, to be done right, your updates on the website have to be regular and consistent to your style and what the publisher will look for.

  1. Focus on Your Niche

There are enough and more travelers who would put up hundreds of shots of the sunset mixed in with portraits and everything their lens captures. When the photos and contents are speaking so many different languages, it is difficult for the audience to tag a personality to your work. Therefore, you would be lost in the sea of writers. Choose a niche that you are most interested in and stick to it. Get creative in every way possible with your niche. Done right, publishers would be able to identify you by your niche and give you the exposure that you deserve.

  1. Start Small and Grow

While the whole world is your playground when it comes to your travel diaries, always remember to make a living out of being a travel writer, you need to start small. You don’t have to go far and wide in the first initial days of your career, start small and make visits to the places that you live in and unearth the potential that has not been tapped right there before you begin broadening your travels. When looking for a publisher, make sure that you first try and get published by the local editors in your area before you go after the big fish.

Network! Network Network!

Travel writers are some of the friendliest people on the planet. They get most of their fantastic material by speaking to the locals and unassuming people. Use your skill as a people person to network with people in the travel industry as well. Network with all the possible sister areas of the publishers you are in talks with. There are several meet-up places that you can choose to attend and network with more people too.