Designing and Writing an Amazing Travel Guide Book – Part 2

Once you have planned precisely and made a note of the sequence in which your travel guide will look, it is time to work on the software. The travel book software will ensure that the book is compatible with the online medium and has all features in place to sell to the mass.

Using the Travel Guide Software to Publish the Book

Creating the travel guide to look appealing is an essential aspect in driving sales. The software used to self-publish and design the content you have for the travel guide is easy to use and downloadable. You can either choose free software or paid one for more advanced features. Most travel writers start with using the free software and then move onto the paid version once they believe their content needs something special.

  1. Easy to use – The software is designed to be used by anyone without any technical skills and is very straightforward.
  2. Online and Print book creation – Whether you wish to create an online version or a downloadable version for their mobile devices, the software usually allows for both.
  3. Importing is a breeze – Once you have all the content for the books curated and planned, making them into a single usable format is easy by introducing it quickly into the software for further manipulation.
  4. Rich Media – With digital travel guides, you don’t have to constrain yourself to design only static images and text. You can now include links to videos and even slideshows to make the travel guide stand out.
  5. Multiple Options – You have several options to publish the book in the end for the digital platform. Users can either use specific ebook readers or even use their browser to view the travel guide. Alternatively, if the guide is being published on a website, writers can do that as well.
  6. Distribution channels – With the growth of social media and diverse platforms on the digital side, you can automatically share the guide across several platforms straight from the software.
  7. Mobile Friendly – The final products are created to be compatible with every type of mobile device and not break when the size of the screen changes.
  8. Make it more Profitable – The travel book guides can be made profitable by directly selling through the software. A link is generated that can be shared across several places that users can access to buy or read the guides.

Adding Value to Your Book Using The Software

Once you import the different elements you wish to include in the book, you can begin to work on the actual appearance of the book and what the reader will see finally. Several templates that usually come with the software makes the whole process less grueling. Some of these said models are free, and some require payment. To have a more professional and feature packed guide, you will need a paid template.

Include rich media elements such as images, videos, and slideshows into the book in the right places. There are even options where you can add ‘hotspots’ that are clickable. These hotspots are handy when it comes to giving the audience any coupons or individual links to the outside. Once you have arranged everything that goes on the final book and packed in enough value additions, then you can begin publishing across, all social and digital platforms to drive the sales for the travel guide.