Designing and Writing an Amazing Travel Guide Book – Part 1

In today’s era, while the number of travel books in printed format has declined, the number of digital versions have increased. Therefore, there is always a demand for travel books to feel and look appealing to travelers who wish to visit new places. Potential tourists look at the guides to give them an overview of the areas they want to attend and more. For travel writers to stay at the top of their career, it is essential that travel guides that are engaging be created.

Many travel writers are also able to design, write and publish their books with the help of advanced software which is available these days. The travel books created online also have advanced animation settings that cause the guides to have a magazine feel to them, by adding the page flip feature. When these features are combined with high content, audiences will pick up the books at the drop of a hat.

To design and layout the content for self-publishing a travel guide, there are a few steps that need to be covered. They are:

  • Plan and develop the content for your guide
  • Use a travel guide software to create the book
  • Value add to your text using the software

Planning and Designing the Content for Your Guide

Before you begin thinking about putting everything you have into the software to churn out a travel book for you, make sure you have a plan. A plan usually involves gathering all the information that you want to go on the paper. The data will have to follow a sequence, and you need to make sure that the flow is not broken when you design and write. Once you have written your pieces and gathered all the images that will go into the guide, make a plan. Write down an index of the different items you will be covering. Make a note of the images, videos, links and other additional information you will use on each page to make the book look solid.

These are the different items you have to ensure you have when making a travel guide.

  • Written content
  • Images
  • Videos
  • PDFs
  • Slideshows
  • Audio Clips
  • Links, and
  • Any Freebies

When you create the book, you have to think about your revenue generation model. Think about it. When people buy a travel book at a store, they always flip through the pages of the book before they decide if the book is for them and if it will cover the topics they are interested in about the place. Similarly, when you publish an online version of the book, always make a teaser/sample version of the book. The sample version will not give the user all the information in the book but will act as an advertisement for what they can expect when they buy the actual copy.

Make sure that the images and other content you wish to use are not copyrighted and that you have finished all final manipulations on photos. Once the pictures are imported into the software, you might lose track of what you want to change and in turn, lose focus on getting the book across the finish line. Therefore, make sure everything is set to go once you are ready to import into the software.