Best Travel-Themed Subscription Boxes For Expeditioners

Travel is for those who wish to explore the unknown. Not only is it fun to go in search of new locations and tour in famous places, some find that they also learn the history attached to new and unexplored regions during their trips. However, a common problem that many travelers face is the feeling that they have during their adventures. Although they may not always seem to be a bad part of expeditions around the world, it usually occurs when the traveler is taking a break from traveling. Stopping from traveling for a while, is a big struggle for a traveler, as they typically try to sustain themselves by scrolling through pictures of others taking vacations in places that they wish that they could to go to. Included in the list below are packages and subscription boxes that are designed to help those who are unable to travel, by bringing souvenirs like foods and other small pieces of equipment that are available in the locations, right to their homes.


Created by a site known as, this subscription box is delivered monthly. The themes of the boxes vary over each month and are known to represent a separate beach around the world each time. Some of the most popular and chic objects that the boxes provide you with includes fanny packs that are printed with pineapples on them and wallets with map etchings on them. This box is perfect for the traveler that is also a hardcore summer fan.

Try the World

Unlike the Wanderlust, Try the World is a subscription box that provides the buyer or traveler with the foods and drinks of a specific. Due to it being so hard to ultimately find the right drink that you wish to try at a foreign location, this box is guaranteed to be a fantastic gift for any traveler who loves sampling food from foreign places. There are two different options for this subscription box, the countries box, and the snacks box. The countries box includes a wide range of gourmet foods and ingredients imported explicitly from other countries. The snacks box packs and ships delicious snacks from all around the world into your box and delivers it to your doorstep.


This box is suggested for those who love to travel and love to read even more. Not only does it make a wonderful gift, but this box also provides the buyer with a specific country as the theme. Although each box represents a different country, the boxes always come with refreshments to help you soothe while reading a small book provided by a local author in the spoken country. Overall, fans and organizers have released to the public, that one of the main reasons for this box is to promote a more significant rate of cultural tolerance all around the world.

Universal Yums

By far one of the most loved boxes on this list, Universal Yums has something for every kind of traveler. If you like only toffees and licorice from Paris, no problem! This box is a collection of sweets and candies from all over the world. Not only is this box amazing for trying new things and embracing your sweet tooth once in a while, but it is also a great way to indulge in the favors of destinations that are just too far to visit.