A Walk Through A Successful Travel Writer’s Day

While the best part about being a travel writer as a professional is the ability to travel and experience things, the pay rate which you get is meager, The amount you get paid for every word you write is based on what the publishing company sets in their terms of the contract when you sign up with them. However, if you can deliver the fantastic quality of content and photos or videos with your writing, there are enough dollars attached to it. Writers also can make a living and keep a steady job as a travel writer if they make sure that their deliveries are on time and they can deliver good content. There is more to a travel writer and what they experience during an average day. Unlike the millions of people who wear their thousand-dollar suits and strut their way to office buildings, travel writers get to have their cake and eat it too.

The Average Day

While at home, a travel writer usually has a routine. They make sure that they divide their time between writing for the existing clients and researching the next destination they should be off too. Going through photographs and video clips need to be done in tandem with the other writing work. Therefore, everything is sorted at the end of the day. If a writer has to make a very very quick trip that would take their article to the press, they would ideally do everything a family would do on their holiday, squeezed into one day.

Along with this, they get to take lots of photos and make notes and gathering as much information and records as possible. Information gathering is a very important part of a writer’s trip when they absorb the information; they are not thinking about how it would look in the book. They experience everything and write as much as possible. When it is time to put pen to paper for the final writing piece is when everything comes together, and the magic happens for the publication.

Things A Travel Writer Can’t Live Without

On any day, a travel writer will need the following items to keep them going.

  1. A notebook
  2. A Pen
  3. A phone
  4. A Camera
  5. Waterproof camera case
  6. Laptop

A travel writer will even forget to eat or drink but without these six necessities, their entire day is ruined. Even the most regular places they have to go to, you will find that they carry at least four of the six things with them at all times. The adventure of the day comes in the form of unique experiences. A travel writer will never do the things that everyone usually does on a trip. They are usually fishing for things to do that no one has ever heard off.

For this reason, they are usually extremely friendly people who have no problem making friends with anyone. They are willing to listen and are happy to enjoy everything that is being offered. A slushy day might irk most people, while a travel writer usually smiles through it all.