5 Worst Mistakes Amateur Travel Writers Can Make

Often travel writers jump into their careers without fully being prepared for the roadmap in front of them. Travel journalism is not something you get into and then take it as it comes to you. Careful planning and preparation will help you sort through the month and hopefully even help pay your bills till you can become a professional. When you begin you’re a career in travel writing; there are some mistakes that most amateurs make. While these mistakes are unavoidable, it is easier if you are aware of them and make sure you avoid making these mistakes completely, if you can help it.

  1. Too Much Too Soon

As a travel writer, you can aspire to be great without a doubt. However, it is essential to be as realistic as possible with your wants. Most of the travel editors and newspapers already have a steady source of writers who provide content for their editions. They are not going to want to give you much real estate on their publications overnight. It is something you are going to have to work on over time and slowly build up. If you can get just one story in a month, you have done well for yourself. Stick to it and hold on with everything.

  1. Freebies

If you are thinking of writing for free just in the hopes of seeing your name on the editions, don’t do it. It is the worst move you can make. Most of the publishers will not value you or even look at your work if they don’t see a price attached to it. It just means that you don’t appreciate your work when you offer it for free. If you don’t understand your work, why would they?

  1. Integrity Loss

It can be fascinating to have a publisher sign you up. There is much popularity and pressure that will come with writing for a publisher, along with glowing pats on the back from their office. The PR board might even arrange for some amazing getaways for you to get some RnR. However, always remember that your reader should be the one to get the first preference when you write. Stick to pleasing your reader and not be drawn to the obligations you might feel toward the company.

  1. Stay On Sight

When you are in the travel writing industry, always remember that your main focus should still be in writing and not in the places you visit. If you enjoy the part of just traveling more than actually getting down to writing an award-winning piece, then sadly, this is not the career for you. Instead, you can always choose a job that will allow for more traveling than have much focus on writing.

  1. Jumping Hurdles

Several problems and hurdles will arise when you are a travel writer. Most travel writers stop and take a step back when they fall. Instead, remember your passion for writing is a road that has many obstacles and keep powering on.