Month: January 2019

Self-Publish A Travel Guide – Tips to Travel Writers

If you are looking to self-publish your travel guide, then you probably are one of those people who is already receiving a stream on income from other sources of writing and are looking to making a plan for the future. If you don’t have any experience in travel book guides or even in the travel […]

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Pitching Your Article to Magazines and Winning – Aspiring Travel Writers

Travelling and writing are probably your biggest passions and the main reason why you choose to work in the travel writing industry. Writers devote a lot of time investigating the place they wish to visit and go through some of the most grueling conditions to get their first article done. What next? Getting the article […]

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5 Worst Mistakes Amateur Travel Writers Can Make

Often travel writers jump into their careers without fully being prepared for the roadmap in front of them. Travel journalism is not something you get into and then take it as it comes to you. Careful planning and preparation will help you sort through the month and hopefully even help pay your bills till you […]

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