Month: December 2018

Designing and Writing an Amazing Travel Guide Book – Part 2

Once you have planned precisely and made a note of the sequence in which your travel guide will look, it is time to work on the software. The travel book software will ensure that the book is compatible with the online medium and has all features in place to sell to the mass. Using the […]

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Travel attributes

Planning Your Next Trip as a Budding Travel Writer

Whether you’re planning your first trip as a travel writer or heading back out into the field after a well-earned break, it can be beneficial to make a plan for your expedition before you even think about leaving the house. Although it’s not always possible to foresee every hurdle and roadblock you might encounter along the way, having a solid plan in place increases the chances of your success.


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Designing and Writing an Amazing Travel Guide Book – Part 1

In today’s era, while the number of travel books in printed format has declined, the number of digital versions have increased. Therefore, there is always a demand for travel books to feel and look appealing to travelers who wish to visit new places. Potential tourists look at the guides to give them an overview of […]

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