Month: November 2018

Getting Noticed and Picked Up by a Great Travel Publishing Company – Travel Writers Guide

Newspapers and magazines are the best places to be employed with as a travel writer. However, the number of these companies are slowly going down, and there is a massive fight for the much-wanted space on their periodicals. In today’s world where the internet is everything, there is more scope for writers in the internet […]

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A Walk Through A Successful Travel Writer’s Day

While the best part about being a travel writer as a professional is the ability to travel and experience things, the pay rate which you get is meager, The amount you get paid for every word you write is based on what the publishing company sets in their terms of the contract when you sign […]

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How to Be The Best Travel Book Writer and Make It Big – Travel Book Careers

There are loads of people who love to travel, and there are many people who enjoy writing. While writers can make money from anywhere, travelers are going to need more than, ticket booking skills and deal researching skills to make a living. If you are one of those people who can’t lose the travel bug […]

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